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Minecraftia System by ElenaTotalDrama Minecraftia System by ElenaTotalDrama
Minecraftia System is a star system There 7 planets and a asteroid belt in the star system

Sun is the star in the center of Minecraftia system it has G-Class star type

Jeb is a hot planet close to the Sun. hot as Mercury has red surface

Nether is a warm planet with life the hot as Venus. Where nether mobs live on the planet There no visible Sun on the surface bedrock because of atmosphere makes invisible Sun

Overworld is a life planet Where we are live on the planet There one moon around the Overworld planet

Cupa is a green gas giant planet with 23 moons There many stink smoking gases like creepers gases on the gas giant and Cupa is much more massive than Jupiter but bit smaller than Jupiter

Mincta is a blue gas giant planet with 12 moons There a moon with life around gas giant called Aether

The End is a dwarf planet around The End asteroid belt There atmosphere around asteroid belt. the dwarf planet and asteroid belt have both life where Endermen,Chorus Plants,Shulkers and Ender Dragon live in and There no sunlight on the The End because makes atmosphere invisible The Sun

Ela is the last dwarf planet It's much smaller than any other planets

Known Moons:

Aether is moon around gas giant Mincta the moon have life there many skylands with clouds you can see visible there a gas giant when on surface of a moon

Overworld's Moon is a moon around Overworld
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